Jews and Christians in the TST.

In 2015, the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan was banned from the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tajikistan as a terrorist extremist. The reasons for such a decision have been made with the EPPT, and many experts have written in the press. The author of these rows has also written several articles on this issue. Since all the major reasons why the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tajikistan is unwilling to disclose this activity in a single article, we will only briefly report on one of the reasons that it is based on the TTP's WSIS, so that the EIA's WTO members in the European Union and The UN Human Rights Committee, which denounces the Republic of Tajikistan with a view to restricting the rights and freedoms of religious people, is a matter of fact.

Tajikistan is a secular state, and its law is guaranteed to protect the rights and equality of all nations and followers of different religions. Article 8 of the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan states: "The uniqueness of any party, public association, religion, movement, or group can not be recognized as state consciousness ... Religious organizations are separated from the state and can not interfere in state affairs.

The creation and operation of public associations and political parties that propagate racial, ethnic, ethnic, social, and religious hatred are prohibited. "In the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan:" All are equal before the law and the courts. The state guarantees everyone, regardless of nationality, race, sex, language, religion, political position, social status, education and property rights (Article 17), "everyone has the right to self-determination or to accompany others to religion or to comply with religion, to participate in religious ceremonies and rituals (Article 26). Such legal guarantees exist today, in the Republic of Tajikistan, practitioners of various religions work in the free political space, and no religious, racial, national, or any other disagreements exist. All religions take part in celebrations and events in each other's events and events, take each other, help one another, and so on.

But the TSE's political interference, which was closely linked to the geopolitical interests of the Islamic State of Iran, could not see all the achievements of the secular state of Tajikistan. The TSE EOM has already published the 90th Century of XX century with the financial, military-ideological and ideological support of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Islamic Revolution of Iran that its destructive consequences are known to all nations. However, the TSA has not regretted its extremist terrorist activity, with the support of the Islamic State of Tajikistan after the signing of a national agreement and a peace treaty on June 27, 1997, pursuing its terrorist-terrorist activities and aims to create a social context for the future the Islamic Revival Party, to promote the continuing scheme and ideas of the Islamic revolution in Tajikistan and violate the legislative legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan. At the end of the TGNA in September 2015, General Haqiqiyade, the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan affirmed the TRNC, and appointed him as deputy of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Tajikistan, would like to take part in the Tajik government. This action was carried out by the TRNC in clear violation of the provisions of the peace agreement between the Tajik peace treaty and the rules of human rights, because this agreement was signed by the OSCE on the protection and control of the OSCE.

Here, for example, the TNT's protracted advocacy activities will be reviewed in 1997 after the national censorship in 1997, revealing the true image and activity of the party that is contrary to all human rights standards. It is noteworthy that Article 30 of the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan states that "the prohibition and bargaining of social, racial, national, religious or linguistic or cultural barriers is prohibited" which is contrary to international human rights instruments, including Article 55 UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of 19 June 1945. According to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Tajikistan (Article 189), for the purpose of inciting national, racial, religious, and religious hatred, the criminal responsibility of the offender is expected to be imposed for a period of 5 to 12 years deprivation of liberty. However, the TSE MN, which has been following the 90th anniversary of the 19th Century, has been a facilitator of the geopolitical plans of the Islamic State of the United Arab Emirates, with the words "No American America", "Windsurfing", etc., and other racial, religious, and national hatred against the people Jews and Christians in the framework of the political discourse, began publishing publications of anti-Semitic books against the Jews and Christians to awaken the hatred and hatred of Muslims in Tajikistan, and to rely on Islamic ideology. For example, the book "Why Islam Has Failed", published by the Committee of Islamic Finance in Tajikistan, consisted of the persecution of Jews and Christians from the teachings of Imam Hossein and the ideas of the Islamic Revolution, today that the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to other countries want to move, the source takes. The first part of the book is called "Judaism", the first part of it is "Manifesto of Light". In particular, this section states: "No nation in the world can be found as a Jew or a Jew. There is no history or history of the nation's history. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, they come in, and this is the way of the people of this nation "(1:32).

In the context of the text, the Jews are described as a black-eyed historian: "The demand for God's sight, the tremendous appearance, the murder, and the hundreds of other hatred of this nation have been seen in the history of Moses" (1:32). At the same time, in the book, no Jews claim to be the only believer in promoting regional and religious wars, even the first and second worlds of the world, and the establishment of new non-constitutional religions, such as the Iranians, and others: "Most regional and religious groups, even the The first and second global world has come to the hands of the capitalists and the Jews. The new religions that are built up in our time, such as cruelty and censorship, are being propagated by these wicked scholars (cf. 1:32). As we see, the writer of the writing was not considered at the time of writing these rallies, even the historical evidence that the Second World War was initiated by the German Communist Party, and that the Jews were largely under the influence of fascism. Because the EIA is increasingly engaging in historically beneficial issues.


All these ECHR's ideas on the Jews are truly reflected on the same Imom Impressum Imam and leaders of the Islamic Ummah of the Islamic Ummah, and once again assert that the TRNC's efforts in Tajikistan are based on the implicit geosciences of Jews and Jews through the Awakening of the Muslims. , the ideas of "Islamic revolution" were intended to place on the mind of the Tajiks. Imam Khumaini has said in the book "The Islamic State": The modern world is two columns: a group of Muslims came together, but in the other armies of Islam, the imposition of imperialism, oppressive, aggressive and sectarian rulers, Jews, Christians and materialists creating Islamic teachings and deception of Muslim populations (2:29). As we can see, there is no significant difference between the TSA and the Imam Khumaini and leaders of the Islamic Ummah of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In the second part of the book, the view of Islam and the Christianity on the recognition of God, the promotion and the resurgence, the Prophets, including the Masters of Christ, and the Bible, have been studied and rejected by the Christian doctrine on these issues. For example, the Bible's teaching on God is considered unsurprisingly and a Christian god is a god who has regretted his or her self-control (cf. 1: 42-43). It is a Christian religion, one of the fastest religions of the world, according to the teachings of the Bible, the infinite, undeniable and unchanging in nature, government, justice, grace, and the divine being in three images and has the same qualities as the only God . However, the TSI does not discriminate against the Christian goddess of God, who denounces Christians in association (multicultural). According to the caliphate, "the Christians after the departure of the Messiah (pbuh) were separated from the religion of Islam by the idolatrous sons of God and they had mixed up with the pure religion of Islam that was not merely pure (1:47). ). Consequently, with such a pseudo-based interpretation of the Christian religion, they have been preaching as Gentiles. The purpose of the "blasphemy" is to identify Christians by the TNG, which is legal to legalize the Islamic religion against the Christians.

In the book, the issue of recognition of prophets from the Christians is also criticized. TSE EOM considers Islam a view to the Prophets as a matter of law and order, but it considers the Christians an invalidation of the Prophets. As regards the modern Christians, the prophets became wine, adulterers, lunatics and beans (1: 48-50). Deportation of the Beliefs on the Believers to the Prophets was justified by the evolution of the Old Testament on the Prophets and Naham and the Prophets. However, the main source of religion is Christianity (the second part of the Gospel), which consists of the books of Marcus, Matthew, Luke and John, and contrary to the propaganda that the Christians used to denounce the Christians. In the viewpoint of the TST, the FBI in Muslim countries advocated these views on the Prophets, who "destroyed their religion (N.K.) and taught them that the Prophets were false, adulterous, adulterous, and virtuous" ( 1:51) Why did you become Muslim? Publications of the Islamic Culture Association of Tajikistan. There is a question that Christians did not believe in this religion, who would have ridiculed their prophets? Is this a ridiculous and ridiculous thing?

At the same time, in the book "Why Islam Has Failed", it was not clear how the Qur'an was compared to the Gospel in the Gospel and the Qur'an, that the Qur'an was rewarded in the Holy Qur'an, "But the Bible in the Bible is not merely a blessing. , but to him cursed »(1:54). Because, according to observers, the true Christians have been corrupted by the Greek Christians. Finally, the modern-day Christianity was "the Foolish Buddhism" (1:55).

This book is especially criticized for the occasion of the birthday of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church. For example, a Christian holiday, Rabiyya, which means the mourning of bread and bread in the ceremony, has been dictated by the prejudice and it is considered as a "grave misfortune, an indescribable, ignorant and ignorant" that is very rude.

Furthermore, when the rituals of the Catholic Church were condemned to the admonition of "Catholicism", the Iranian-speaking human beings acted as a "biological" church of the Christian church. As a "Pure Man" from Pope, he purchased Hellfire and acquired Pope's property and then went to "the Gathering and Giving Center of the Christianity": "Good News and Good News!" (1:58). As Christians, they say, "The perfunctory," says: "It's a great novel and good news for the Christians, since it's never been used for shopping for a picnic, because a bicycle was purchased for the fear of hell and the fire. (1:59) An authoritative writer continues to confirm that afterwards, the Christians did not go to the church, and many others were not allowed to go to the church. with the economic crisis, facing "The Purple Man" goes on to say, "With a large sum of money, the buyer received the certificate of the goods from the man who had been subjected to the recurrence of the" bicycle "market (1:59).

This is a point of view that "the Hero of Tajikistan" is a Iranian man who has been criticized for not only the Christians, especially the Catholic, but also the elite, with the implication of the implication of the imam of the imam of other religions construct the attention of the Tajik people to the imam's slogan, which implies that the scholars and intellectuals of the Islamic revolution are. Accordingly, according to the teachings of Imomnazar Khumaini, which today form the basis of the idea and policy of the Islamic government of the Islamic Development Party, the Islamic revolution will become a political revolution throughout the world and eliminate any non-formalist regime as a "Satan" system, the world wins "the blasphemy" (2:27).


At the same time, it is important to note that the book "Why did Islam have been violated" against those who were excluded from the religion of religion and adopted other religions, such as the pagan religion, the ancient religion, etc., Therapeutic "is dead". But this can not be the basis for the repression and theft of Jewish and Christian peoples and their sacred books. This goal is mainly focused on the ideas of the Islamic revolution. They are essentially trying to reach out to the "beggars" of the "Islamic Revolutionary Scholars" on Jews and Christians in the minds of Muslims in Tajikistan and to be Jews and Christians to "blaspheme" and to put them in the pagan idol, "The death sentence is death" (1: 120). Of course, the propaganda of religious extremism is far from the ECHR, the EPRDF does not tend to the minds of Muslims in Tajikistan, especially young people, and can instill fear and hatred against the Jews and Christians, and create a legitimate basis for promoting religious conflicts and security and stability in Tajikistan that the followers of various religions work and live. Notwithstanding, in the 90s of the 1990s, when the EOM started operating openly, most of the Jews and Christians left Tajikistan. They created the territories created by the TST, the EPs, in which they created the idea of "Islamic Iranism" (Islamophobia). Therefore, in the development of the "Islamic Iran" phenomenon, which has become a political process today, the role of the TSA is also large. While the role of the Jews and Christians in the development of science, art, economics, the social life, including the education and health of Tajikistan, was very large, but the ECHR created everything that was created by Jews and Christians in the late 1990s. made.

It should also be noted that the killing of the United Nations in 1997 in Tbilisi and the Christian Science Monitor in August, 2018, Danghara and hundreds of other terrorist attacks have been completed by the TRNC terrorists. TNT members have also participated in the Syrian and Iraqi raids. Today, there are also terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. Ultimately, the terrorist-terrorist terrorist activity of the State Committee of National Security (ISAF) is a WFP, which has been internationally recognized. In this regard, the EOM has been treating human rights violations, contrary to the human rights provisions, and can reduce the reputation of the UN Human Rights Committee and the OSCE in Muslim countries. Therefore, by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tajikistan as an extremist terrorist organization, the TRNC is a real and inaccurate fact, not only in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan as well as the requirements of the human rights treaties, and the TGNA's OSCE to be recognized as an extremist organization of the international character.




1. Why did you get out of Islam? Publications of the Islamic Culture Committee of the Republic of Tajikistan, 1999.

2. Khomoini R. Principes, sociaux et religuex. Paris, 1979.

Kamar Nuruhakov